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Asia, Africa and Arabia

Asia, Africa and Arabia

Stand in the silence of a 14th-century Shinto shrine. Tour a Chinese garden unchanged for 600 years. Rocket forward to the 21st century via Shanghai's Maglev train. Slow down again along Vietnam's ethereal coastline.

Focus on a particular region or combine cruise itineraries with no port repetition. Enjoy overnight stays in Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Begin and end your cruise in exciting cities like Sydney, Hong Kong, and Singapore, or sail across the Pacific from Osaka to Vancouver, exploring Kodiak and Sitka, Alaska, on the way.

Imagine the range of ports and cultures you can experience on a cruise vacation that includes stops in such landmark destinations as: Cape Verde, Gambia and Dakar; the Canary Islands; and Spain, Turkey, and the Holy Land where there's time to visit the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel. Or explore the best of the best places in Singapore, Jakarta, and Bali. Join the adventure of discovery cruising through the lands of the Arabian Nights; or visit the tropical shores of East Africa and picture-perfect Cape Town
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